The Legend of Mike Smith

I was really interested in this show- knowing its jazz improvisation, hip hop, dance, theatre, musicians! YES! What a great combination!

So glad that I got to watch it today

 an incredible staged performance of award-winning jazz and hip hop star Soweto Kinch’s album. With jazz improvisation, a driving hip hop score and choreography from a pioneer of British Hip Hop culture, Jonzi D.

Inspired by The Seven Deadly Sins and Dante’s Inferno, Soweto tells the story of Mike Smith, a young, aspiring MC caught in a world of temptation where the boundaries of reality and fantasy collide.zi D. Inspired by The Seven Deadly Sins and Dante’s Inferno, Soweto tells the story of Mike Smith, a young, aspiring MC caught in a world of temptation where the boundaries of reality and fantasy collide.

It was great!! Sick beats and great to see live music combined with dance and theatre and really inspired by how it all comes together as a show.

I like the simplicity that even with just a few instruments bass guitar, double bass, drums, saxophone you can do so much with it and the freestyle concept. FREEDOM

Pretty cool that the guy plays the double bass and bass guitar as well. Really taking it in and observing how the drum beat changes with the pace of the story. Saxophone sounds so beautiful especially when it ‘cries’ , really brings out the emotions.

loved it when he broke into freestyle improv rap and interact with the audience! so fun and exciting.

Seeing this show makes me think about the variety of skills that a musician should have and here Soweto is a composer, dancer, rapper,  actor. I love interdisciplinary and by combining them it creates something great.

It makes me realise the feasibility of putting on a show that uses minimal but still is engaging and impactful. The stage is simple with just a cover with slits in middle, but the lighting was well used and went really well in the moment he was having a ‘breakdown’ flashing lights matching the intense music that depict the battle in his mind.

There is so much to learn and take in by just watching a show and observing the different elements of it and how they work together.

Really interesting to see storytelling dance/movement such as the scene in the tube. puts dance in a different context and integrates into theatre and i think the choreography worked really well as it made good use of different heights to layer. With 3 people they had a part where they stood in front of one another and did hand gestures/movements and visually it worked great.

There are so many areas of consider in a production, visually, aurally- sounds , engagement with audience and the balance of emotions. There needs to be some light-heartedness after some sad scenes. There really is so much to take in and I wouldn’t mind to watch it again! Several themes were explored as well though I haven’t fully grasped them. There’s the main theme about the recording industry, about crime, materialism ( all that shopping) , standing up for self, inner conflicts…

Now I just wanna go and make some sick beats and write a rap haha


now let's write some rap
cut the crap
put a beat on and roll along
live this moment
before it's gone 

ain't no time 
for anybody's shit
this is my life
and thats legit

have a laugh haha
have a dance
live it while you have the chance


Me aint no rapper but just had to write a rap after listening to all that!

This is why live shows are great. It really impacts you and inspires you, inputting new ideas and gets you thinking about different possibilities.

Till next time,

Where i’ll be writing rhymes. ha ha.


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