Films and Other Collaborations

‘Danncing the Data’

Collaboration with
Katherine Wimpenny (DMLL)
Eline Kieft(C-DaRE)

Special thanks to Alice Williams
(Belgrade Arts gymnasium co-ordinator)

Dr Katherine Wimpenny, (DMLL) and partners have been conducting research and evaluation on the Belgrade arts gymnasium program and decided to present the data in an engaging performing arts format, with dance, music and literature. This presentation will be delivered at the Bristol health conference and I am very honored to be part of this collaboration.

We explored different ways of ‘dancing the data’. Given several themes based on research about the impact of the Belgrade Arts gymnasium project, they are each explored for 2-3 minutes, accompanied by my live, improvised music relating to the theme and the movers. Each was film recorded on a phone, and followed by a 4-6 minute discussion on how that was, to do, to view, what stood out, what it brought up and ideas that will lead to the final presentation at the health conference.

The video and live improvisation shown below is based on the theme identity.
The music is later converted to an audio track to be used during the conference.