Tall Dance Tales

2nd session- mirroring with my music!

May 2

I could not make it to this session but it was so heartening to see my music being used! I was quite emotional and had a moment when I saw this video it was just so magical and beautiful! They created so much more than the music itself.

I am really really grateful for these opportunities and supportive people to collaborate with. It really gives so much more meaning to the work and music that I am doing.

Some mirroring work they did and is a great way to encourage them to work with one another.


Tall Dance Tales

First session was a blast!

April 25

I didn’t know what to expect but was quite excited to work with special needs children for the first time. It went well and time flew by so quickly I was like in a daze when it ended!

This is why I love working with children they are so full of energy and looking at them being so in the moment just makes me smile. 🙂

We explored the different animals that will be used in the fables and designed 3 movements to an animal we picked. Their imagination never fails to amaze me and came up with great moves!

Devising animal poses
Check out these moves!

I really like how we have a mini sharing at the end so it gives a chance to look at what we have created and its just so beautiful to watch! Everyone took an animal in the group and they interacted like a community in their habitat.

I especially worked with a special needs child and he often drifted off to the windows and I tried to get him engaged in the activities we were doing.  It was very heartwarming to see him engaged and moving freely when we did some side activities with the scarves and I could just see him engrossed in his own world but really enjoying the moment!


Having some play with scarves!

The children really enjoyed  things that they can hold on to and this multi-sensory approach is very useful!

The ebb and flow of the scarves inspired me as I felt something very enchanting and beautiful happening around the room.

I went on to write something glittery and swirling around like something magical that is drifting in the air with each wave of the scarf.

It was only the first session but I felt so much and it was lovely to see everyone smiling and happy when they left the rooms!

I remember feeling so blissful at the end of the day when I got home… it was that feeling that I have done something good! It is quite hard to describe it but the feeling that though my body was tired my soul and heart felt really happy and it just felt right~

Tall Dance Tales

Tall Dance Tales

Kith, a community dance organisation specialising in well-being through movement and Entrust Care Partnership, supporting families with children with additional needs have joined forces to launch an inclusive dance project based on Aesop’s well-loved fables where children of all abilities explore creative movement.


There will be 12 sessions in total with the last 3 sessions at the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) and the goal in mind is not to rehearse something specific for a performance but rather allow the children the freedom to fully explore movement by engaging their whole body and devise ideas by themselves, creating a rather organic and natural form of learning.

I have always wanted to do something dance related as I believe its the best form of expression when combined with music! And always wanted to work with special needs and see how arts can be used to help them get engaged so I jumped at this opportunity to get involved and offered to compose music based on the stories or as appropriate.

Instead of just composing music for the lessons, I will be drawing on movements/dance from the children as inspirations and ideas for my composition which could then later on be used and this is what makes community arts so great ! that it is a two way development process and our ideas feed into one another.